OBEX File Manager is application that will allow you to transfer files between desktop to your mobile and mobile to your desktop. Now works over Bluetooth

Change log:

v1.8.0.55 --> v1.9.0.71
* Fixed "access violation" error then close the program.
* Added some file types in folder view.
* Added MIME-type column in folder view.
* Added image preview of  local files (bmp/jpeg/png/gif).
* New visual freeware components are used (JediVCL): smaller code, freeware, more stable then DevExpress

v1.7.0.53 --> v1.8.0.55
* Fixed folder changing bug: if folder name contains non-english sumbols, then "File not found" exception raises... now fixed (thanks to KEO) ^_^

v1.7.0.45 --> v1.7.0.53
* Some little fixes.
* Splash screen & new icons ;)
* Program tested under my favorite (^_^) Win2000/SP4 WITHOUT ANY ERRORS, but under WinXP/SP2 program crashed at exit ("thread killed... but actually not killed").

v1.6.0.37 --> v1.7.0.45
* Some little fixes: decreased timeouts, visual mini-fixes.
* Program now can work via WIDCOMM-compatible Bluetooth adapters.
* Source codes now available: used Delphi VCL Developer Express components (not included) & TMS Async 32
v1.5.0.25 --> v1.6.0.37
* Some little fixes: safe arithmetic operations, file name special characters, modal message boxes.
* In the UL/DL-window now display elapsed/estimated UL/DL time.

v1.4.0.21 --> v1.5.0.25
* Some little fixes: little IU lock-fixes.
* In the UL/DL-window now display average tranfer data rate.
v1.4.0.1 --> v1.4.0.21
* Some little fixes: "Splitter shutdown application" fixed, debug log window deleted, etc.
v1.0.3.9 --> v1.4.0.1
* New visual interface;
* Autodetection of phone COM-port;
* Some little fixes.
Download HERE