R373 6FR DD's MP v4.0 BlueZré-2 Finall
  • For R373 (42R, 43R, 44R, 45R) only.
  • Language Eng, Rus, Ukra, Indonesia, Malaysia. with new font.
  • Skin very2 cool with full screen caller-id.
  • Unlimited video record for TF memory.
  • Video format 3gp
  • Voice key enable
  • Application
    • Mini Opera
    • Dictaphone
    • iPhone Explorer
    • Winamp51
    • Chat2cell
  • Skin
    • BlueZré
    • Aqua-XB
    • CarbinixSP
    • XB-Green
    • XB-Blue


Download Link

Screenshot Skin.

Skin SKin  Skin

** skin
CarbonixSP, XB-green, XB-blue and Aqua-XB is E1000 skin from skinner4moto.de.vu and from motofan.ru that i was convert to e398.

- Anyone in ForumPonsel, Momo, Hofo and motofan.
- Other MP creator : Angels, PCMMod, Sity.